Technical Talent Acquisition Expert

I'm truly passionate about what I do. Headhunting, interviewing, and bringing in individuals who make a significant impact on your organization is what drives me.

what is it?

Engagement Model

This model involves me acting as an in-house recruiter and handling: direct applicants’ interviews, interview scheduling, ATS administration, job descriptions, employer brand, interviewing training, etc.

I will be handling the role as if I was an in-house recruiter. Besides, I will do heavy sourcing to bring in passive talent.


  • Sourcing of talent
  • End-to-end coordination of the whole candidate journey
  • Stakeholder management
  • Talent audit
  • Added value projects: interview training, workshops, coaching of team members including hiring managers
  • Best practice sharing

Retainer Model

I recommend this model when there is an in-house TA or HR person looking after the pipelines and if the roles are hard to fill (they need strong sourcing efforts, and no high-quality direct applicants are coming in).

This fee ensures I will prioritize the delivery of a pipeline within 10 days and that I will allocate more capacity to researching the roles assigned.

Instead of solely relying on success fees, I charge a retainer fee upfront. This fee ensures that I am compensated for my efforts and time spent on candidate sourcing and screening, regardless of whether the client ends up hiring someone through my service or not.


Success Fee Model

This service is perfect for roles that are already owned by an in-house recruiter and the role is well-scoped from the beginning.

I charge when I successfully place a candidate with the client. It is typically calculated as a percentage of the candidate’s first-year salary or a fixed amount agreed upon between the recruiter and the client.

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