Recruitment is an interesting science. I love this field due to the impact we can have in the business; we advise on hiring practices & trends, we attract talent by using different techniques, we are the gatekeepers, we decide who passes or not, we are the first impression people get on our company.

That is a big responsibility, isn’t it?

Recruiting for talent involves a lot of different areas, such as talent planning, employer branding, recruitment marketing, headhunting, candidate assessment, candidate experience, stakeholder management, data analysis, and salary negotiation. Yay, pretty a lot! And all the above can be done in many different ways, depending on the specific talent you need, the location, the urgency & your resources you may use certain approaches or others.

My question is, out of all the different tools, resources, and approaches we can use to attract & recruit talent, how do we ensure as a talent team that we are making the right decisions?

Well, it is not an easy thing, I think about this all the time and after many years working in recruitment, I understood that having strong core values is the key.

Whatever I do as a recruiter, whatever tool we introduce, communication approaches we use, all of them need to align with my values as a recruiter. Just if this happens, then I know I am doing a good job. So, What are my values as a recruiter?

Speed: When recruiting, speed is key to hiring top talent.

Adaptability: Agile recruitment allows me to adapt to the business needs.

Innovation & creativity: To hire top talent we need to go beyond traditional hiring practices.

Keep it simple: There is no need to make things complicated if they don’t need to be.

Making sure the best talent is available to the hiring team: I define a process that will help us hire the most suitable candidate for the role & company.

Excellent stakeholder experience: I meet with the hiring team, gather their requirements, advise & train them, providing my support and expertise at every step of the way.

Excellent candidate experience: This is key to delivering an unforgettable experience to candidates. No matter what the outcome of the process is, they need to end up believing the brand is an exceptional company to work in.

Building & maintaining a good brand reputation: I align the use of sourcing tools and the recruitment process with the brand values.

My advice is not to get lost with so many things to do, ways to do it, tools, resources, etc. Work first on your values, what is important for your team & your brand from a recruitment perspective, then it’d be easier to make other decisions.