We live in a talent shortage era. If you are a recruiter, I am sure you know what I talking about. It gets harder and harder to attract and recruit talent. Even when offering a good and interesting product to work on, a challenging position, and a top market salary, people tend to not be interested in it. Either they are happily employed and not looking for a change, or they are just not interested in a full-time, permanent job, as they prefer to freelance and not commit fully to anyone. However, the need for qualified candidates keeps growing everywhere.

Recruiters have a big challenge ahead! Oh yeah!

What can we do in order to increase our chances of hiring? And also, how can we (on top of this) raise the bar? 🤔

Fortunately, there are a lot of initiatives you can take that will help you increase your chances to attract & hire top talent. I am going to share the ones I consider to be the most powerful ones.

These are the initiatives I am using at the moment and somehow they work!

Let me know how it goes for you and happy to hear about other initiatives that work for my peers! 🙂