Workshop-type Ideas for On-site Company Gatherings

We live in the hybrid work era. I am sure you agree. Companies are becoming 100% distributed, meaning they have employees coming to the office on daily basis, others coming just a few days per week or even a month and others coming a few times per year. This is awesome. However, it brings a […]

High-value Skills Worth Improving (2023)

We are fortunate to live in an era where we can learn almost everything from home and for free.  Have you ever stopped to think how amazing this is?  Think about people in the past centuries, the only way they had to learn was by going to specific universities and cities ( just a very […]

How to Successfully Connect with People to Speak About Jobs

This is the million-dollar question for recruiters, isn’t it?  For seven years now I’ve been approaching people on daily basis to try to recruit them.  I’ve done everything a recruiter can do; from cold calling to LinkedIn in-mails, connection messages, personal emails, and even in person! I’ve made a lot of mistakes, mainly during my […]

How to Ensure an Exceptional Candidate Experience

Candidate experience involves everything from the moment a candidate comes across a job description until they sign the contract or are told they were not chosen this time. It is how they feel about the brand after having engaged with our hiring process. In any case, it is of the utmost importance that candidates have […]

How to Land your Dream Job

You want to change jobs, and you have applied to several positions but you always get that automatic reply that nicely mentions you were not chosen this time. Does it sound familiar? I’ve been hiring people in technology companies for over 5 years now, and I have seen all types of job applications and candidates. […]

Key Behaviours for a Strong Talent Acquisition Team

It’s been a while since it is the employees choosing who to work for rather than the employer picking its workforce. The biggest asset of technology businesses is their people. The smarter, the more efficient, the more motivated workforce, the more chances to win the game. Don’t you agree?   That is why having a […]

How to Hire When no One Seems to Be Looking for a Job

We live in a talent shortage era. If you are a recruiter, I am sure you know what I talking about. It gets harder and harder to attract and recruit talent. Even when offering a good and interesting product to work on, a challenging position, and a top market salary, people tend to not be […]

Your Values as the Key Tool for Decision Making

Recruitment is an interesting science. I love this field due to the impact we can have in the business; we advise on hiring practices & trends, we attract talent by using different techniques, we are the gatekeepers, we decide who passes or not, we are the first impression people get on our company. That is […]

What to Do & What to Avoid on A Job Interview

I have been interviewing people daily for over 5 years now. Every day an average of 4/5 interviews. That makes at least 4.500 interviewed people! That is a lot, isn’t it? I have seen & heard a bit of everything. These experiences have given me very good insights into what to do and not to do […]

Recruiting with a Strategy

I often hear recruitment & HR teams say: “We need to recruit with a strategy in place”. But, what does that mean?    Let’s look at “Strategy”: a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim. So, we can say a recruitment strategy is a set of actions designed to achieve the yearly hiring headcount.  […]